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Why are the noise monitors placed where they are?

Our noise monitors are located at fixed noise monitoring positions in Livingston, Broxburn and Cramond.

How is aircraft noise measured?

Please find this information at the Noise Explained section

I want the noise measured at my home, how can you know what the noise levels are at my property?

Noise measurements are not taken at individual properties, however noise contour maps are used to predict which geographical areas will likely be the most disturbed by noise.

If I complain about noise what happens to the enquiry?

Every enquiry received is logged and investigated, and each is responded to if requested. To investigate noise enquiries, we use a Noise and Track system which combines data from our radar feed, operations data feed and noise monitoring stations to provide us with up to date and accurate information. All this information feeds in to a ‘Noise and Track System’, on this NTK system members of the public can investigate the flight track and noise levels of specific aircraft themselves, or they can lodge a enquiry which will be investigated and will receive a reply within eight days, if the enquiry requires further investigation you will be informed when a full reply will be received.

Why are you flying over me (easterly or westerly) when there is no wind?

Please download the attached document Procedure for Arriving and Departing Aircraft which will provide you with more information.

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