In May 2006, we chose to introduce a voluntary system of noise fines.

Edinburgh Airport chose to voluntarily follow the legislation set down by the UK Government for fining at Gatwick, Heathrow and Stanstead airports

Only the three fixed noise monitors are used for fining of aircraft, our other three mobile noise monitors are used for community noise monitoring programmes.

The level of the fine is dependent on the level of the infringement.  Two different noise thresholds are used, one for day time and one for night time.  All money raised from noise fines is placed into the Edinburgh Airport Community Fund for distribution to local good causes.

Current noise thresholds in place, aircraft which exceed the following limits are fined:

  • 94dB Lmax noise level during the   day (06:00 - 23:30) 
  • 87dB Lmax noise levels at   night (23:30-06:00) 
  • 90.1dB  and above (i.e. over 3dB over the limit) = £2000
  • 87.1 - 90.0dB   (i.e. up to and including 3dB over the limit) = £1000

The noise levels are measured by our noise monitors located in Cramond, Broxburn and Livingston. The noise monitors in Cramond and Broxburn are located 6.5km from start of roll (the point in the runway where a flight begins its departure), and measure both arriving and departing aircraft noise. 

The noise monitors are positioned in accordance with guidance from the Department of Transport which is based on a detailed scientific study carried out by the CAA. 

If aircraft are correctly following our procedures for arriving and departing they should not exceed the permitted levels and will not incur a fine.

If an aircraft does exceed these limits, we will investigate this whether an enquiry has been made or not.