Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and in line with Government guidance, where possible our staff are working from home, with very limited access to our offices.

You can help us through this period by not communicating with us via traditional post or via the noise enquiry line as far as possible. Instead, please email us or use the flight tracker section of this website to enquire about a specific flight.

If you do contact us via the noise enquiry line please provide an email address to assist us in responding to you more swiftly, however if you do not have access to email or would prefer a response by traditional post please be aware that responses will be delayed and will not meet our usual five day response times.

To down load a copy of our Noise Enquiry Policy please click here

Information on our Privacy Policy is availible below

Contact details :

Email: noise@edinburghairport.com

Write to: Noise enquiries, Communications Team, Edinburgh Airport, Terminal Building, Edinburgh EH12 9DN

Call on our dedicated free noise enquiry line: 0800 731 3397 available 24/7

Flight Tracker: If you feel an aircraft is flying where it shouldn't be then you can view the track of the aircraft following the link supplied below. If you would like further information on a specific aircraft  follow the link below, enter the time and date and click on the aircraft in question, then follow the instruction to make an enquiry if you would like to do so.


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This Privacy Notice was last updated on 12th October 2021.