Noise Action Plan (NAP)

We are aware that aircraft noise is a concern for our local communities. Our Noise Action Plan helps us to identify areas of concern and recognise improvements that can be made to reduce our operational impact. 

Our Noise Action Plan 2018 - 2023 has been produced to comply with the EU and Scottish Government requirement for airports with over 50,000 movements a year.

Noise Action Plans are required to be updated every five years. Our Noise Action Plan will  be updated should any proposed changes to our airspace be approved and  implemented.

We consulted on our draft Noise Action Plan (NAP) 2018-2023 from February 20th to April 2nd 2018. A summary of the Consultation responses is now abvailible to down load via the link to the right.

The final and summary NAP 2018-2023 documents are also available to download via the links on the right.

The Scottish Government has also uploaded the Noise Action Plans to the Scottish noise mapping website

NAP 2018 - 2023 Action Table

Our NAP recognised how important it is to keep our communities and other stakeholders informed,  and we are committed to reporting publicly on our performance, and the effectiveness of our actions to address community concerns. With this in mind, we will regularily update our NAP Action table to show our progress on the commitments we made within section 9 of NAP 2018-2023