Noise Monitoring Stations

We have three fixed noise monitors beneath our flight paths, located in Livingston, Broxburn and Cramond. We also have three mobile noise monitors.

Noise monitors are highly sensitive microphones connected to a sophisticated recording device which monitors and records all sounds in the area.

The monitors measure noise as Lmax. Lmax is the measurement of the loudest noise as the aircraft passes over the noise monitor.

Both the fixed and mobile noise monitors are Type 1 precision monitors, which measure noise to within 0.1 dB accuracy. Type 1 monitors are often used in environmental measurements which may result in legal action e.g. noise fines and legal notices. The monitors are calibrated off site annually at an accredited independent laboratory. The monitors also carry out daily self-calibrations over 5 frequencies. 

The noise monitors communicate with a specialised software package.  The software collects data from our radar, operational database and our noise monitors to provide information and noise data on each flight which departs from or arrives at Edinburgh Airport.