Edinburgh Airport Night Time Charges

As Edinburgh Airport continues to grow, we are mindful that community awareness of night noise has increased. This was specifically highlighted during our recent Airspace Change Programme and Noise Action Plan consultations.

As part of our ongoing desire to respond to community concerns, we have chosen to introduce a night time flying charge, based on the aircraft used, to help manage and mitigate noise. The introduction of night noise charging is designed to change behaviour and encourage operators to make decisions based on noise considerations.

Fees received will go towards a fund for noise related activities in the community, including supporting the Edinburgh Airport Noise Advisory Board (EANAB), commissioning of independent noise analyses, and ensuring any potential operational changes do not impact on noise and Board operations.

Given the commercial and community impacts of night flights, many of which are freight and mail deliveries, we are not looking to stop night time flights, rather we have introduced these charges to encourage operators to use best in class noise performing aircraft and to make better decisions about their scheduling of flights and reduce noise impacts on local communities.

We have introduced the night time charges in line with other airports, however, most have their own variants on how the charging is applied, what the level of charge is, and what they define as ‘night’. The model for charging used at Edinburgh Airport aligns most closely to that used at Gatwick using the same noise categories and charging structure.

We are hopeful that these charges will encourage airlines to consider using quieter and more efficient aircraft when scheduling flights in and out of Edinburgh, and we will continue to work with them and to monitor the impact of the new charges as we move forward.

For anyone wanting to read more about Edinburgh Airport charges you can read our Conditions of Use   https://www.edinburghairport.com/about-us/doing-business-with-us/conditions-of-use