Community Mobile
Noise Monitoring

Mobile Noise Monitoring is carried out on a continuing basis, as reports are produced, they will be published on the mobile monitoring section.  

During discussions with our neighbouring communities, and in conversations with Edinburgh Airport Noise Advisory Board (EANAB) an interest, and need, to monitor noise out with our fixed noise monitoring stations was identified. With the introduction of our new Noise and Track system (NTK) it was decided that this would be the perfect time to acquire noise monitors which could be easily placed out in our communities and connected into the new NTK to provide extensive and robust data.

Edinburgh Airport has three permanent fixed noise monitors sited within close proximity to the runway. The noise monitors at these sites are used for fining aircraft when the noise they make exceeds the levels we would expect for that time of day.

Mobile noise monitoring equipment can be sited within garden areas of volunteer properties allowing us to monitor noise levels within neighbourhoods. The mobile noise monitors are installed at volunteer properties for between two to four weeks, dependant on the number of noise measurements captured. Due to the location of the volunteer properties, the number of noise measurements captured will vary. Many of the monitoring locations are not directly under a flight path and the further away from the airport the monitor is placed, the more dispersed the aircraft become.