Greater Good

Sustainability at Edinburgh Airport

 Our approach to sustainability encompasses the entire airport campus – our business and the businesses we work with. We aim to be clear on our approach, our priorities and why we think that this is important. We understand that we cannot achieve our goals alone and will seek to work creatively with government, industry organisations, stakeholders and communities. In 2021 Edinburgh Airport launched its first sustainability strategy: Greater Good.

The Greater Good strategy is built on four pillars: Zero Carbon; Enhancing Scotland; Scotland’s Best Business; and Trusted Neighbour. Each pillar represents core focuses of our strategy with equal importance. Through the four pillars we reflect our environmental, social and economic responsibilities.

We are committed to best practice across the airport and our approach to sustainability is no different - it reflects the aspirations of our team and our owners. This means that we’ll continue to:

• set clear targets;

• ensure our business is resilient;

• communicate clearly and transparently on progress and issues;

• partner with organisations who can help us achieve our goals;

• work with government, industry and regulators to develop policy and plans; and

• Listen to and work with our communities on minimising the impact of operations and supporting them more widely

Sustainability Pillars

Zero Carbon

Working in partnership with a variety of organisations we will ensure we are leading and advocating the fight against climate change. Our main objective is to help Scotland and the UK transition to a low carbon economy. We aspire to be a leader within the aviation sector in our pursuit of achieving Net Zero. To do this, we will pursue a progressive onsite carbon management strategy.

Scotland's Best Business

The airport is without doubt the central hub within the region. And it is our responsibility to create a business with integrity; working together with our people, passengers and trusted partners. It’s our aim to be one of the best places to work in Scotland. One that provides high quality jobs, skills and opportunities for all. And one that is resilient to the effects of climate change.

Trusted Neighbour

The communities closest to our airport are very important to us. And it’s why we will share the benefits of our growth with them whilst mitigating any of our negative impacts. Through collaboration, we will be a good neighbour by supporting our local communities; and sharing our business success through community investment programmes.

Enhancing Scotland

As the sustainable gateway to Scotland we are committed to creating an airport that showcases the best of Scotland; whilst delivering the finest passenger experience. We want to reduce our environmental impact, provide sustainable connectivity for our passengers; and become a valued and sustainable partner with those we work with. We can be the spark that helps make Scottish tourism carbon neutral.